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We love to tailor your package to accommodate your requirements and make your special occasion or event memorable for both yourself and your guests. During our planning we will both recommend and develop with you a play list that supports key moments and flows flexibly with your program.

Wedding Package

Your wedding is both unique and special. Our goal is to support you every step of the way in providing entertainment that enhances the memories created for you and your guests.

During our chat we will be flexible to both suggest and support music lists and possible variations of performance for your special day. As an outline we have the following packages which often provide a good basis for our planning with you:

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Duo/Trio PackageDuo & Four or Five Piece Band PackageDuo & Dj PackageDuo & Big Band Package




Duo/Acoustic SoloistDuo/Acoustic SoloistDuo/Acoustic SoloistDuo/Acoustic Soloist


Duo/Acoustic SoloistDuo/TrioDuoDuo/Trio

Bridal Waltz

Duo/TrioFour or Five Piece BandDuo or DjBig Band

After Dining Entertainment

Duo/TrioFour or Five Piece BandDjBig Band

We also provide entertainment just for your reception or ceremony. Simply, you can choose which areas of your Wedding day program you would like musical accompaniment.

Corporate Events Package

Whether it be an end of year party, product launch, or an awards night, Live music always brings a special feel to a corporate event, and enhances the opportunity to capture key moments for your guests.

In both planning and delivery we look forward to professionally working with you so as to ensure that our services bring the energy and atmosphere that delivers your goals for the event. We value the opportunity to work with you in creating the perfect occasion for your customers, partners, and staff.

Depending on your event, a duo acoustic package, a 4 to 5 piece band, or even a Big Band or a combination of these options can be crafted so as to provide the ideal musical entertainment for your guests. We can be flexible to your requirements, but as a suggestion we have the following packages which can be tailored during our planning together:

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Duo and Four or Five Piece Band Pacakage Duo and DJ PackageTrio and Big Band Package




TrioDuo/Acoustic SoloistBig Band


Four or Five piece Band as requiredDuo/TrioBig Band as required

After Dining

idor Five Piece BandDjBig Band (Also Dancers if required)

Private Functions Package

At Dusk Till Dawn we’ll bring the energy and vibe to make your Private Function a memorable success. Each Private Function is unique and our flexibility enables us to tailor entertainment to suit your event. Whether Live music from our band or crafted music from our DJ, we can bring the festive atmosphere to make your event a great success.

Depending on the size of your venue and the nature of your Private Function, we will recommend either our 4 to 5 piece band, our DJ, or our Big Band which gets everyone on their feet dancing or singing along. During our briefing together we can create a play list and a schedule to deliver a memorable musical experience for you and your guests.

Let’s Start Planning!